Map of our 45th Parallel loop. (1) Boise (2) Beacon Light Chevron in Eagle (3) Cougar Mountain Inn in Smith's Ferry (4) 45th Parallel Koisk by New Meadows (5) Laredo Grill & Saloon in McCall (6) Chevron in Cascade (7) Boise. ~260 miles.

Cougar Mountain Inn at Smith's Ferry where we had hot chocolates that cold morning enroute to McCall alongside the Payette River.

45th Parallel Kiosk with Jack's and Grumbler's sleds parked out front next to ID-95 a couple of miles north of New Meadows. This is halfway between the Equator and North Pole.

Lardo Grill & Saloon in McCall where we grabbed a late lunch on our way back to my digs in Southeast Boise.